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Caring for the Professional and Amateur Athlete

Eugene is known as Tracktown USA, and Dr. Gilchrist is an avid runner himself.  He ran his first 10K at age 9 and has been competing ever since.  He was a middle distance runner in high school and college and more recently has been racing in marathons and half-marathons around the Northwest.  With age, the importance of cross-training and strength work has become very apparent, so cycling and ‘drills’ are now part of his fitness routine.  He relies on his coach, Michael Donawafor inspiration and a suitable training regimen for a busy father and physician who wants to strive for improved performance.

While not trained as a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Gilchrist very much enjoys providing primary care to people with active lifestyles. There are the inevitable sprains and strains that come along, but as with anyone, other medical issues do crop up as well.  Having a doctor who can relate to your need to keep running, riding and playing is key.  Dr  Gilchrist will understand your goal of  maintaining fitness and continue your activity level in the face of a setback, even if it means getting creative.  

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