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January already? An update.

What’s the latest at Direct Primary Care of Eugene?

The clinic has now been open for over 6 months! The practice continues to grow and is about 25% full at this time. Along the way so far, I’ve met many interesting people who are working to change health care in positive ways. The future of healthcare in the U.S. seems a bit uncertain after the election, but one thing is sure: there is always space for high quality and affordable care. I remain optimistic that direct primary care is part of the solution, especially after 6 months practicing this style of medicine.

I love my quiet little office more than ever. At this stage I am still alone, still answering the phones and doing all the tasks. This means there are no channels or layers, and I am aware of all aspects of care and clinic operations. Very ‘un-corporate’ and patient-oriented, which were my main goals when I set out on this adventure.


In my last post I mentioned my idea of walking appointments. We have had a few and they have been very productive. Meet at the office, we walk 2 miles or so and cover what is happening and plan for healthy changes- which seems the perfect thing while walking through the park in the fresh air. We return to the office for the blood pressure, etc. We like it when the blood pressure is nice and low after a walk! I’ve also had outdoor brainstorming sessions with business associates. The ideas seem to flow as we walk and talk!

Looking forward

I’m still planning some open house events first quarter, 2017. I’d like to invite interesting people to come to the office for a brief talk and social hour. Stay tuned for more information about this. I’m very excited to expose as many people as possible to the idea of direct primary care and my ideas about health and fitness.

I'm reading and tuning into...

I’ve been listening to some great podcasts over the Holidays. Some time ago I read Rich Roll’s first book about his personal transformation from an unhealthy 40 year-old attorney to a world class ultra-endurance athlete and health guru. The interviews he does for his podcast are extremely interesting. He also has a brand new cookbook out about a healthy, plant-based diet that I've made a couple delicious things from. I definitely recommend checking Rich's stuff out as his approach is very complimentary to mine. It's never too late to start taking care of your body.

Life away from the office

Our holidays were entertaining, as you’d expect with young children around. I managed to get the kids up skiing two days, and the conditions were glorious.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I ran in the Seattle Half Marathon. I was pleased to run in a t-shirt with Direct Primary Care’s logo and also to run a bit faster than last year (and the year before). This trying to reverse the aging process is hard work, I tell you!

In other running news, I received confirmation of my acceptance into the Boston Marathon. So if all goes well I will be making a trip and be away from the office in mid-April. It will be my first Boston, and everyone who does it says it’s a must for any runner who gets the opportunity.

After the finish!


In conclusion I’ll just say a big THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blog and for your interest and support. Whether you are a patient, prospective patient, colleague or other interested party, I’m very grateful and wish you a very happy New Year. I plan to use this space more in 2017 to broadcast my contemplations about wellness, fitness, longevity and to announce events and extra-curricular activities at DPCE. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section or post on the Facebook page

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